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Walk of Hope Charity

Mar 01

Join the Walk of Hope to fight Brain Cancer

Join the “Walk of Hope” to fight brain cancer and raise funds for medical research! This event is organised by “In Sue’s Name“, a charity dedicated to funding medical research into the causes of brain cancer to ensure a cure is found for this devastating disease. We commit to donating £100 throughout 2022 for every property we sell or let.

Walk of Hope for brain cancer medical research: Can you walk 100 km or 60 miles throughout March and April and raise £100?

Please help us raise awareness about brain cancer and funds for medical research. Last year, “In Sue’s Name” set out with a simple goal: to get 100 people to raise £100 each by walking 100 km (60 miles) throughout March. The response was beyond incredible! Over £43,000 was raised – which was over half of what the charity raised throughout the whole year. They’re hoping to make this year even bigger and better by asking everyone to get involved however they can.

Walk of Hope Charity: fight against brain cancer

It’s easy to take part! All you have to do is walk 100 km (60 miles) between the 1st March and 30 April 2022 – you can walk wherever you like, whenever you like, at a pace that suits you. This is a perfect #fundraising event for people of every age, fitness level, and location to take part and help raise funds that are desperately needed for research into brain tumours.

You can sign up for the Walk of Hope and find out more on https://insuesname.org.uk/walk-of-hope/

Why support and participate in the Walk of Hope?

In Sue’s Name was founded in 2014 by David Taylor in memory of his beloved daughter Sue Blasotta, who died in 2011 of brain tumours. Sue was devoted to her husband Joe and their children Sasha and Daniel. She was diagnosed with three lesions on the brain in November 2010 and died just six weeks later, facing death with tremendous courage while leaving two young children without a mother.

Brain cancer and tumours are especially tragic as they tend to strike young people. Although brain cancer is a bigger killer of people under 40 than any other form of cancer and that incidence is rising by 2 per cent a year, brain tumour research accounts for less than 1% of government funding. Vital research is now being carried out into treatment for brain tumours at the Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence in the Blizard Institute, part of Queen Mary University of London in Whitechapel.

This gives hope to us all, but medical research for brain cancer and tumours remains desperately underfunded. In Sue’s Name aims to raise £1 million by 2027 towards this vital research.

Wise Rock Property commits to donating £100 to “in Sue’s Name” for every property we sell or let throughout 2022. We encourage everyone to participate in the Walk of Hope for funding medical research into brain cancer, share the message or donate as little as £1. This is a perfect challenge to combine your daily exercise with raising vital funds to prevent future families from losing loved ones to brain cancer.

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